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Send sms from pc to mobile is basically a process to send web messages from computer device and will be transmitted to mobile phones. These are messages which are sent in huge volumes and are operated with high bandwidth operators so as to get delivered within seconds. They are routed to multiple mobile operators so as to reach within the time duration, the process has been made to make the task easy and cost effective and the sms sending using pc to mobile is less tedious. Now a days the cheapest way to promote a brand is using bulk sms services which are being processed via medium of pc to mobile interface, the message service is being linked with a pc using a web interface and many of the companies have made their own customize software so as to promote their brand name and to give more customize solutions to their customers, so as we have made our excel plug-in software which can easily be integrated in the excel sheet of a computer and will be easy to send the customize message with scheduling and all other features. It is designed to deliver best service to a user. Sending sms from pc is now a very common factor in the sms industry. These services are linked with all operators so as the delivery is 100% and constant. These messages are also used for transactional services which are being transmitted using very high premium sms so as to be delivered instantly, as the information contains so content which is very important. Our web interface is the other process to send sms from pc to mobile, using web interface one can manage groups with the details of each number. The ease in managing the groups is to manage and send the message using a single click, it is also helpful as one can send message using any location and even login via a remote computer as the data should not be needed to carry because this is already managed in our interface groups.


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