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Bulk SMS Service Provider in Shillong

SMS Deals Inc. is a Bulk SMS Provider in Shillong. We offer quality service and support 24/7. SMS Deals Inc. Bulk SMS Service allows startups to quickly grow their business by generating valuable leads and new customers. It also gives hope to young entrepreneurs by helping them to grow their businesses by providing genuine support and service.

There are many BulkSMS services available in Shillong. It is crucial to find a reliable Bulk SMS provider in Shillong. This will ensure consistency and transparency. SMS Deals Inc. is registered with TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), which offers many SMS services for business and personal purposes. Our services can be connected to operators such as BSNL and Airtel.

We earned customer trust and were a valuable resource for customers' business growth. We never sacrificed quality and service. Our team works hard to provide quality service and guide customers in the right direction. SMS Deals Inc. has made a strong impression on the market as one of Shillong's most reliable and high-quality Bulk SMS service providers. We have built long-lasting relationships with Shillong customers through trust in our service and support.

Why Choose SMS Deals Inc. for Bulk SMS Service in Shillong?

·         SMS makes it easy to send media-rich SMS in any language and schedule campaigns.

·         You can track the delivery status of each SMS sent by companies in real-time and receive regular reports on your Bulk SMS campaigns.

·         Send promo SMS via the web interface, APIs, email, or mobile app. You can also receive SMS online.

SMS Deals Inc. Bulk SMS Software allows you to send SMS individually or bulk. It can also be used for personal messages.

We have a direct partnership with many telecom operators such as Airtel, BSNL and idea. ensures best-in-class delivery rates & speeds.

SMS Deals Inc. is the most flexible WhatsApp Bulk SMS API gateway, which allows you to send SMS from any app in just minutes.

SMS Deals Inc. takes pride in providing superior 24/7 support for all customers, regardless of company size.

SMS DEALS INC.- Key Features Bulk SMS Shillong

·         Groups of customers can be created.

·         The SMS reseller website allows you to send SMS anywhere in the world.

·         Brands can send SMS from their mobile phones to their computers.

·         Clear DLR reports

·         Application experts with experience

·         Remote support via desktop sharing

·         Send an interactive, scheduled SMS

·         Use Excel to upload the recipient list.

SMS Deals Inc. is available to anyone. Bulk SMS services available in Shillong

·         Schools

·         Colleges and universities

·         Real Estate

·         Hospitals

·         Brands and Cooperates

·         Banks

·         HR Consultants

·         Websites for travelers

·         Hotels

·         Showrooms

·         Political groups

·         Beauty salon

·         Banquet halls


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