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Bulk SMS -  Connecting India

In the realm of digital marketing, SMS Deals stands out as a prominent brand. Tailoring packages to meet diverse client product and branding needs, they recognize the significance of Bulk SMS Services in India as a crucial tool for expanding client bases. This method ensures widespread publicity, reaching potential clients in every corner.

SMS Deals offers an array of services designed to keep clients' businesses in the spotlight, ensuring constant visibility to potential customers and working tirelessly to expand their clientele.

Quick and Effortless Popularity

The bulk SMS service emerges as an exceptional means to spread the word about a business efficiently. Reaching a broad audience, it effortlessly captures their interest in products and services, with the primary goal of making client businesses widely known and, ultimately, converting them into customers.

Effective Lead Generation

Playing a pivotal role in obtaining leads from prospective clients, the inquiries generated through bulk SMS across India can be strategically worked upon to convert into actual clients. The quality of leads generated is notably high, increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

Expressive Sales Conversion

This medium proves to be more effective in sales conversion compared to others. Those who respond to SMS often have a genuine need for the product, and if their expectations regarding quality and service are met, conversion into customers becomes a smoother process.

Interactive Group Communication

Bulk SMS can be utilized for various sales promotion campaigns, discount schemes, loyalty packages, events, and tips and tricks to cultivate customer usage habits. It serves as a hassle-free method to acquire and maintain a constant customer base, fostering social connections with customers both before and after sales.

High Readability

Due to the portability of this medium, there is minimal time lag between message delivery and the recipient's response. Surveys indicate that approximately 98% of SMS are read within close to 10 minutes, significantly enhancing the success rate of promotional campaigns.

Wider Reach

The vast number of mobile subscribers in India provides an extensive ground for growing client bases, offering a comfortable platform to serve existing customers. With the continually growing number of mobile users, boundaries are expanding further each day.

Instant Communication

Providing information to a wider audience with just a click, bulk SMS saves businesses time, energy, and money, which can be redirected to improving products and services. Urgent or critical information can be communicated within seconds.

Twin Route Servicing

SMS Deals caters to both transactional and promotional messaging. The transactional route involves urgent, critical, and real-time updates to customers, while promotional messaging targets and locates prospects.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Bulk SMS solutions and packages in India are strategically designed to meet the customized needs of clients. The frequency and timing of SMS can be centered around the demand timings of products or services, accommodating variations like high demand during festivals and wedding seasons.


Security is paramount in bulk SMS marketing. SMS Deals guarantees secure solutions, protecting clients from potential threats and cyber attacks on databases and privacy.


Client companies allocate provisions in their marketing budgets for bulk SMS, including considerations for bulk SMS pricing, and SMS Deals provides diverse solutions that align with planned budgets. SMS Deals stands out as a price-efficient company, delivering true value for money and maintaining a strong position in the industry.

Compliance with TRAI Regulation

SMS Deals adheres to all rules and regulations set by TRAI for Bulk SMS companies in India, obtaining client permission before sending SMS and maintaining internal norms in line with regulatory authority.

Target Relevant Database

Strategically selecting target databases with high probability leads, SMS Deals emphasizes efficient development for specific groups to maximize success rates.

Price Efficiency

In a competitive market, SMS Deals stands out as a price-efficient company, delivering true value for money and maintaining a strong position in the industry.

Simplified Procedure

The entire bulk SMS process is straightforward and user-friendly, involving typing the message and selecting the database. Messages can be sent to thousands of users with a single click.

Personalizing Experience

Clients can personalize messages by addressing recipients by name, satisfying emotional needs and creating a more engaging experience.

Other Services

SMS Deals offers a comprehensive solution by combining various related services, including bulk emailing, missed call alerts, long code and short code services, bulk SMS from PC, and more under one roof.

The Bulk SMS services offered by SMS Deals are known for their quality, reliability, and efficiency, making them a trustworthy choice for the best service.

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