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Create a trustworthy message with Google Verified SMS

Send genuine SMS messages that provide consumers with the confidence that they are communicating with a company and not a fraud.

Fraudulent messaging is an increasing issue, as more and more dangerous phishing attempts being sent. SMS messages are typically delivered from random numbers which makes it difficult for customers to discern which numbers they can believe in. Certain senders claim to be companies that people are able to trust, and benefit by the trust your brand has built in customers.

Large corporations have used SMS to communicate with their customers for years. People have grown distrustful of text messages as a result of phishing scams that are spreading around the globe. Google intervened with its verified messaging system to fix the problem.

With the feature 'Verified SMS, Google will help users to determine whether an SMS sent by a company. It will highlight the logo and name of the business on the screen of chat.

Send SMS to confirm Business Identity and helps to gain Trust

Improved Brand Recognition - If customers receive messages sent by your company that feature branding such as logos and names and start to recognize you as a credible source. This can help you create an area in their minds to be able to communicate with them in the future.

More Engagement - You can achieve higher open rates as well as more conversions than with traditional SMS using authenticated messages received from known senders

Safe Business Communication - Top anti-spam security to ensure your SMS campaigns get to their intended destination. The platform stops you from sending spam-related messages by monitoring and informing you about the frequency of spam for the message.

Advanced Level Filtration: - There is also an advanced level for spam filtration. It alerts users when there is suspected spam or unsafe messages.

Detailed Link Analysis: - Consumers can view detailed link previews to see the web content that you are trying to deliver.

Cost Effective and Requires No additional cost - Verified SMS doesn't require any additional Setup from the business. The only requirement is that the user has a Google Messages client that supports Verified SMS.

Monopoly on your identity in mobile messaging - This ensures your brand's security, protects it from misuse, and lowers the chance of fraud.

Powerful SMS Features by SMS Deals

  • Multi Language Support features so that you can converse with your client in any language.
  • Real Time SMS Tracking, with open rate and interactivity rate.
  • Sort your database by any criteria you'd like. You can categorize your Verified bulk SMS according to the audience's area of residence, their preferred mode of communication and so on.
  • Unlimited personalization options are available to improve the rate of conversion of the campaign.
  • Dedicated Account Manager is assigned for 24X7 helps on the query related to verified SMS Setup

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