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SMS API - Transactional SMS Services

Connect with your customers all over India at one go with bulk SMS. The easy-to-use excel plug-in lets you send bulk SMS to a large base and even personalised sms to relevant users. You could also update them about the delivery status of their order, account balance and so on with the transactional SMS API. Developers can integrate this API with your software or web panel to send sms automatically on completion of the relevant task.

Http Api Details Used for Website or Software Integration

  • Send SMS(Comma Separated): https://www.perfectbulksms.co.in/Sendsmsapi.aspx?USERID=username&PASSWORD=password&SENDERID=ABC&TO=9999999999,9899999999&MESSAGE=Good Morning
  • Schedule API(Comma Separated): https://www.perfectbulksms.co.in/Shedulesmsapi.aspx?USERID=username&PASSWORD=password&SENDERID=ABC&TO=9999999999,9899999999&MESSAGE=Good Morning&SHEDULE=201008181225 
  • SHEDULE: Shedule date time in yyyyMMddhhmm format(i.e yyyy=year,MM=Month,dd=Day,hh=Hour,mm=Minute)
  • Check Balance: https://www.perfectbulksms.co.in/balanceapi.aspx?USERID=username&PASSWORD=password
  • Change Password: https://www.perfectbulksms.co.in/Changepasswordapi.aspx?USERID=username&OLDPASSWORD=password&NEWPASSWORD=password

The API codings available are completely compatible with ASP, PHP, .NET, JAVA,HTML applications.

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