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International SMS

SMS (Short Message Service) refers to the ability to send text messages between mobile devices but when it comes to international SMS services for business then it was supposed to be in bulk and in case of international SMS it was supposed to be transmitted and delivered to different countries. It allows information text to be transmitted using api or web platform across international borders, similar as to how domestic Bulk SMS India works within a single country.

When even sending an international SMS, you need to be typically using the country code of the recipient mobile number. The country code is supposed to be a numerical prefix that identifies the mobile number country to which the message is being sent. The country code for the United States, for example, is +1, whereas the country code for the United Kingdom is +44.

To send an international Bulk SMS, you need to follow the guidelines of the country which mobile number belongs to, this may be a declaration, a authentication, may be telecom registration etc. Mostly the cost of sms varies in a same country e.g., if you are sending sms to different locations in United States then the price of SMS varies according to that location or subscriber, or operator based. It is best to check with your service provider for information on international SMS rates and any fees that may apply.

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