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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is SMS?

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is limited to 160 character text string, one can also send long SMS and will be charged according to multiples of SMS x 160 Characters.

2. Advantages of SMS Sending?

SMS Sending is a process of spreading information to single, multiple SMS to mass group of people.

3. What is a Maximum Number which can be processed in a Single time?

One can process as many as 25000 SMS in each lot of groups, we suggest to use a group of 10000 Numbers, which delivers to recipient’s mobile number instantly.

4. How to make the payment?

One is supposed to make advance payment through variety of payment methods available on our website, One can pay cash to our bank accounts, cheque deposits, DD Deposits, Online transfers, pay to our payment gateway using credit/ debit card. We can create the SMS Account but SMS balance will only have credited once the payment is received. One needs to send the payment details like deposit slips/ payment acknowledgment slip to our to claim that transaction.

5. Who will send the SMS?

One can send sms by his own using web panel, excel plugin software or api configuration or can schedule that, apart from this we have an arrangement where one can send us the file along with user name, campaign details where our campaign manager/ account manager can process the SMS, reports will be visible on the respective accounts in accounts history tab. Delivery reports will be shared if required.

6. What are the Advantages of SMS service?

One can send Single SMS, Group SMS as per requirement, we do not charge for functionality only pay for SMS Sent.

7. If One forgot password. How to retrieve it?

One can retrieve your password by clicking on Forgot password tab on website, or one can mail to from their registered mail id with user name.

8. How to manage contacts/ groups / phonebook?

One can manage contacts by adding feature available in phonebook add contact one by one or by bulk import using .txt or .csv File.

9. How to find sender id?

You can see your sender id by login to our web panel.

10. Why SMS not delivering?

The reason of not delivering of SMS are the number might be registered with NDNC (National Do Not Call Registry) for not receiving promotional SMS. Or the number is out of coverage area / international roaming / SIM Problem conditions.

11. Why Some times Excel Plugin software removes from the toolbar of system?

This may happen if macros gets disabled in excel by chance or computer system is virus infected.

12. How to add new sender id?

One can request for new sender id’s “SIX Characters” e.g. “SMSDLS” from the panel which will be approved from the technical team, this may take 3 to 4 working hours to approve in the case of promotional sms service, for Transactional SMS Service kindly contact your sales manager or mail us at

13. What is a maximum sender id length?

As per TRAI guidelines maximum sender id length is 6 characters.

14. What all location can be Covered using this SMS Service?

This SMS services is available only for all network operators across India.

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