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SMS Marketing in India and it’s promising prospects

Marketing is running out of new ideas. Everything that the modern media has been tried out for marketing purposes. Starting with generic advertisements in digital and printed media like newspapers and television, to social media marketing has been tried over time. Personalised marketing, spam mails and pop-ups, video ads etc. were all hits for some time but then people found a way to bypass them.

The latest in marketing, mass marketing to be specific, is SMS marketing. There are a lot of regulations in the country regarding sending bulk SMS and only a few authentic messaging services can provide this opportunity.

The first obstacle is the presence of different network gateways in the country. In one marketing SMS, you might have to reach thousands of customers and potential clients who may be using different network gateways. It might be a little difficult to connect and send SMS over all the different network gateways with one SMS.

The second issue with SMS Marketing in India is to go to the messaging service website or application every time you need to send a marketing SMS. It might be difficult if you are sending a lot of these messages with information like stock tips. Only a selected few authentic bulk messaging service providers have APIs that you can integrate into your website or application which makes it easier to send these bulk SMSs.

Also, TRAI or Telecom Registry Authority of India has quite a few regulations as to under which conditions one can send bulk SMS because it can be a distraction and inconvenience to receive generic messages all the time. So while providing the bulk messaging services, it is important to adhere to the regulations as well. All these things need to be taken care of and only a few messaging service providers have the capability to handle all this.

The hardest thing to achieve in bulk messaging is to personalize the messages for the client. It’s mostly generic content that is forwarded in bulk messaging. However, with an excel plug-in it would be possible to send personalized bulk messages with a single click. Only a few bulk messaging service providers have this facility.

It would also be nice to have a feedback mechanism with the bulk messaging service. The clients have a way to return their responses, complaints or suggestions and it would be easier for you as a business, company or organization to improve yourself with the help of this feedback mechanism.

With the help of a good bulk messaging service provider, you can get strategic mobile marketing. It will help create your brand image, brand awareness amongst customers and drive consumer interest. With the correct assessment of the target audience, you can improve your marketing strategies as well.

You can avail both Push Services and Pull Services. You can get to the smart consumers at all hours and generate leads and handle them even in the middle of the night.

This is crucial in building a strong customer and company relationship.

It is important to manage your marketing campaign properly to maximise the output. It is equally important to analyze the performance of your marketing campaign to make the required changes. When you get in touch with a professional SMS marketing agency, they will provide you with an efficient solution, commonly a dashboard with all the information and controls to manage and improve your marketing campaign.

You can achieve all these at affordable prices. When it comes to SMS Marketing in India, the service providers generally have a flat rate and it is easy to work with them.

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