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How growing Trend of Bulk SMS Marketing is helping every Business Sector in the Year 2020

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How growing Trend of Bulk SMS Marketing is helping every Business Sector in the Year 2020 

Be it any business, the purpose of every businessman is to earn profit without spending much on investment. But Print and TV advertising are so expensive that it sometimes spoils the entire budget. In such a situation, Bulk SMS Marketing shows its impact because it is economical, easy and faster means to reach out to your potential customers. 

Bulk SMS services provided by SMS Deals Inc. are playing a big role in generating new product launches, content awareness, business leads and much more. Let's have a look at some important services of Bulk SMS provided by us: 

Bulk SMS service to provide business information 

Nowadays, shooting an important piece of information to all the clients or customers turned very easy by availing Bulk SMS Services. Within a fraction of second, your message can reach a large audience with Bulk SMS Services. 

Bulk SMS service for e-commerce 

E-commerce stores use SMS to send information about special offers, discount codes, vouchers, etc. to reach smartphone users. This information is connected to delivery notifications, alerts, shipping information, and order confirmation, etc.

 Bulk SMS service for a Gym, Beauty Parlor or Spa 

Most people read SMS in minutes. Therefore, spas, gyms and fitness clubs use Bulk SMS service for seasonal offers, discounts, and memberships. 

Bulk SMS service for logistics and courier 

Logistic firms check the product order or delivery status with the help of SMS Gateway API and Mobile SMS Alert. Constant text alerts let the customers know the status of product delivery. Bulk SMS service is an efficient way to inform customers about delivery status, track consignment whereabouts, sending alert messages and delivery status, etc.


Bulk SMS service for admission to new school and college 

When a new school or college opens in an area, the Bulk SMS service shows the quick effect in informing the local residents of this new educational institute of early opening. You can send new entry notifications related to it, admissions offers, and opening and closing dates to local area customers. 

Bulk SMS Service for Coaching Institute

Through the bulk SMS service, you can send immediate information to parents and students directly about your coaching institute at the lowest cost. 

Bulk SMS service for political campaign 

In view of the low prices and benefits of Bulk SMS service, all parties use it vigorously in elections. Nowadays, political parties are using SMS Services extensively to connect with people.    

Bulk SMS service for restaurants and hotels 

The BULK SMS service has proved to be quite successful for restaurants and hotels. Through Bulk SMS, you can send discount offers, and redeem coupons, etc. to entice people. 

Bulk SMS service to promote real estate business 

Through Bulk SMS service, builders take new real estate schemes to the public. 

Bulk SMS service for NGOs and community groups 

Bulk SMS service is an effective way to communicate with people. This is the reason why non-governmental organizations and religious organizations convey their message to the people through it. 

Bulk SMS service for banking and financial sector 

In mobile banking, bulk SMS is used to describe financial transactions, transaction alerts, and bank account status. The bank adopts Bulk SMS to announce new schemes and rules and to keep its customers updated. 

Bulk SMS service for the automobile industry and dealerships 

Bulk SMS is chosen as a means of communication to increase sales, provide after-sales service, and communicate with new and existing customers. 

Bulk SMS service for healthcare providers 

Bulk SMS service is the best way to talk with patients. This sends the message directly to the patient's mobile. The facilities for appointment reminders, check-up reminders, diagnostic test results, weekly health tips, etc. are available through Bulk SMS services.


To meet all the individual and business marketing needs, SMS Deals Inc.has created many Bulk SMS packages that affordable yet effective. Moreover, the economical Bulk SMS packs from SMS Deals Inc. is 100% compliant with TRAI’s NDNC & NCCP regulations.




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